John Macdonald

    John has  always had a sincere interest in photography; from his  first Brownie camera to photographing his  kid’s social and sporting events, his  friend’s weddings and other occasions, and landscapes on vacation and business trips. In those days he  would develop his own photographs in his  basement with his  own enlarger. Unbelievable processing effort, it would be impossible to provide the product we do today without our current digital capabilities.
    After many years in the technology industry, he entered the real estate field, eventually becoming a realtor. Soon other agents would ask him to photograph their listings, and through many referrals, it became a full time occupation for John. A natural fit for his  experience with photography and real estate. Now a very enjoyable business, especially when seeing the positive effect good photography has on the marketing of homes by agents and the growth of their businesses. Sellers are also very pleased with the photography, which is always good for the agents.
    Though he  constantly works on improving the output, he has  come a long way since those early days having now photographed thousands of properties.
He really enjoys providing a very beneficial service to other agents, especially now with buyers doing their own searches on the internet, it is only natural to have high quality photos with a wow factor that catches the eye of the potential buyer.

Catherine Augestad

    Catherine began her love of photography at a young age running around the house with a Polaroid Camera snapping pictures of everyone and everything. Growing up she enjoyed observing her mother, who never went anywhere with out her SLR camera, and listening to her father teach her about developing film
   After going to school in Charleston, SC and getting her degree in Sociology, Catherine chose to venture into the real estate world. She has spent the last 7  years working in real estate marketing and photography where she enjoys helping agents and making homes look beautiful.
    She and John met while in the same East Cobb real estate office where they worked together for 4 years. As John's business began rapidly growing, he brought Catherine on board  and the rest is history! 
    In her spare time, Catherine can be found with her husband trying to keep up with  their two active boys, enjoying the outdoors, or spending time with their extended family.